Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So Now What?

Last night was the big examination by the Presbytery of Boston. Things went smoothly as I thought they would and now all the 'hurtles' (read: hoops) to go through before officially becoming the pastor of Good Shepherd have been jumped through. After the installation service on Sunday afternoon I will be officially on the job.
All of that is great news, but it leads to an exciting and troubling question . . . what now?
Parts of that answer are obvious, I get to know the congregation and the people that make Good Shepherd what it is, I start planning service, writing sermons and creating a calendar for the year.
But I guess I am wrestling with a more existential question. Like why am I the one God has called to this particular place at this particular time? Not that I am doubting anything, because I am not, but just trying to discern all that God has planned and how I can faithfully respond to what I have been called to.
To be honest I am a little scared about what lies ahead. I am definitely excited too, but living with uncertainty has never been my strong point and I feel like, except for knowing that I am the one preaching each week, all the rest of my responsibilities are at least a little bit uncertain.
But God is good and I know our job is simply to do whatever it is that he puts in front of us. So my job for this week is trying to figure out exactly what that is.
I will have more later - something I have been chewing on for a while - but this is enough for now.


  1. I, too, am a little scared about what lies ahead, but I am also excited. I'm not so good at the uncertainty part, either, but I feel very strongly that God orchestrated this whole thing for your family and He's got great things planned for you all. And with all His great orchestrating, He's got great things in mind for Highland, too! I'm not so great at patience, either, but I am trusting (and also a very excited for your new church family).
    Love to you all, Lauren

  2. I am looking forward to seeing what God has in store as well. I am convinced that God blesses obedience (hey, isn't that in the bible?)and God increases our faith when we step out into those areas that are NOT our immediate comfort zones. A great truth in moving forward when we're a little scared is that we have to walk in faith and in the strength of the Lord, not our own. How better to start ministry with a new church family - walking with God, in his strength and with his wisdom! I think of the way God has already blessed each step of this transition for your family - house - great child care - Traci's job - All these things are clear road signs that God is in control and this is His plan.See how he gives enough reassurance to continue to walk! How cool is that! There are treasures waiting to be found @ GSPC. What an adventure - can't wait to read the details!