Monday, August 23, 2010

Relevance anyone?

So some changes today.  I know all of you (is anyone here?  Hello?) are waiting with bated breath for all the updates to the blog.  Setting the world on fire, we are.
Anyway, two things happening here today.  First, a name change.  The old name was, 'something witty and Christian' - I never really liked the name and it was an attempt at humor that I think came off as pretentiousness. So, the new name, as you may have noticed is 'The Leaky Pulpit'.  This name was coined by either Carl or Tyler on our recent continuing education retreat.  Pretty sure that they were just kidding when they came up with the name, but I like it and I think it does a better job of being 'me' and describing what this blog is intended to be.
First, it makes me think of Harry Potter, which is obviously cool.  Second, it implies - at least I think it does - that what is here is the 'extra' that flows from my call to proclaim the Word of God.  Now, that sounds even more pretentious than the original blog title, but it is at least more accurate.
Most, if not all of what I will be posting here is a wrestling with or, better, the result of engagement with the Holy Scriptures.
So . . . stuff that is leaking out of my attempts to faithfully share with Good Shepherd and the world around me the Word of God.  Which isn't pretentious at all, it is in fact, simply what it means to be a follower of Christ (that is to walk through our lives sharing and reflecting the love, grace, peace and hope we have been given)

And now on to the second big change for today on the blog.  We are going daily.  Well, mostly anyway.  Due to the incredibly high demand, I have finally relented and will be posting daily (at least during the week).  Okay, only one part of the previous sentence is true.  I will now be posting here daily during the week - I make no promises during the weekend.  This is, obviously, not due to any demand, but rather because I started this blog as a different way to engage in and grapple with Scripture and to, possibly, engage in discussion about it.  While also giving me a discipline, holding me accountable to processing, in at least a semi-coherent form that engagement with the Word of God.
So the plan is for there to be daily posts starting today.
A semi-related tangent: We, most of us anyway, simply don't read enough of the Bible.   Forget the generalities, I don't think I read the Bible enough.  I have the vocational benefit of reading for preaching every week, but I think we need to spend time in the Word of God everyday.  So, with the help of the Daily Lectionary the plan is to spend time in God's Word every day and then share some reflections here.
Ideally these reflections would be the start of a conversation.
This is where you come in, if you are interested there are many simple ways of getting your hands (or eyes as it were) on the daily lectionary readings (which include a couple of Psalms, an OT reading, an NT reading and a Gospel).  I have them sent to my email daily through the PC(USA) website.
You can sign-up for the emails or simply read the passages here:
I will be posting my thoughts on today's passages a little later - this post is already too long.
Hope to hear from you soon.
In Christ,