Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Why bother?

Better late than never?  I am not sure.  but I mentioned in my earlier post that I would try and 'catch up' on the daily lectionary and that is what this post is about . . . sort of.  
To be honest nothing really stood out to me in the readings for today.  And really it isn't that surprising.  I mean look at the choices.  
We have talked about the Psalms before - there is really good stuff there, but a lot of times it reads and feels like poetry - beautiful words and nothing more.  Today was one of those days.  The passage from Micah is very similar to the passages from the Psalms.  So more poetry but not much else.  
Then we have the passage from Revelation.  Confusing at best.   Which left me with the passage from Luke 10, which was a continuation of the story that I wrote about this morning.  So that was an easy path to take.  
But then it got me to thinking, particularly about the Revelation passage.  We had a Bible study at our church tonight and one of the passages was from Revelation - and at our church every time that book is mentioned someone mentions a member who 'hates' that book.  
Now that isn't fair to her, but in truth it is a sentiment that many of us agree with.  Either we 'hate' it or ignore it all together, which in my opinion is worse.  
So what is the point?  
The point is that, without getting into a semantic discussion about the Bible and what it is (I believe it is the inspired Word of God, but that isn't the point here), is to say that I really believe that what is in the Bible isn't there accidentally and as such in the words of Paul to Timothy (from 2Timothy 3:16): All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness
That doesn't mean that all scripture is created equal in terms of ease of understanding, accessibility or scope of application.  But it does mean that all of Scripture - even the parts that we might tend to skip over, like Psalms or Revelation, all of it is valuable for us and worthy of our time, our study and our wrestling with.  
Some, like Revelation, may require us to look to outside sources to help us understand.  Some, like the Psalms, might require us to listen with artists hearts and minds.  Some, like the parables, might require us to think from different perspectives.  But all of it is worth our time.  

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