Monday, September 6, 2010

Things 3 year old know that we don't

So, just a quick thought for this Labor day.  And not really one based on today's lectionary readings - we will be back to that with a vengeance tomorrow.
But today I overheard a conversation between Charlie (5) and Jack (3).  Now I only caught the end of it, but they were in the middle of a deep discussion, bordering on a disagreement over something.  I heard Charlie say something to the effect of', 'well how do you know, Jack?'  At that point, sounding at least a little exasperated, Jack said 'Well, Dad told me so'
Obviously, being the 'dad' in question, I loved the answer.  But the best and most interesting thing about it was that the response, 'Dad told me so' was not just the final answer for Jack, it was enough to satiate Charlie as well.
And here is the take away for us:  Sometimes, because God told us so needs to be enough for us.  I am not saying that we aren't supposed to have questions, that we aren't supposed to wonder why or how, or that we aren't supposed to be actively seeking more knowledge.  That isn't what I am saying at all.
But what I am saying is that we are always to take God at his word.  If he says something, then we need to believe it.  If we are told to trust God, then trusting God is the best option for us.  When God says to trust him it it needs to be the final word on the subject for us.
So the question really is a simple one: do we really believe that God is who he says he is and do we really believe in him?  Because if the answer to those questions is yes, then we need to begin to take God and God's  Word seriously.
How would our lives be different if we took God at his Word and lived accordingly?  How would our world look different if all of us that call ourselves Christians took the Word of God seriously and lived like we believed it?
That is a world that I am interested in seeing, and I definitely would like to see my life begin to reflect taking the Word of God seriously.  What do you say, lets just try it.

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